Waterproof Case

Since we have been spending a lot of time in the water I was looking for a way to bring my DSLR Canon 40D with me because there are a lot of chances for good shots. I had something simple in mind, a case that would simply protect it from a little splash here and there. I either got bags which seemed useless or contraptions like these from Hugyfot and Ikelite which cost between $1400 and $5000, about the price of two to six cameras without the lenses. How insane is that, I wouldn’t mind getting one but that is a little too much for me, maybe for those who dive but their doesn’t seem to be a simple clean solution for what I had in mind.

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  1. Fahad

    That case is for professional underwater photography its an amazing case but you would need it if your not going to use external strobes and special underwater lenses, i would recommend Ewa-marine U-A Housing.

  2. Bader

    My mistake, 60 Meters not 30

  3. Zaid


    this is the exact same case i have for my Nikon D90. Its expensive, but thats because its not nearly as simple to use as it looks. theres a lot of wiring involved on the inside for the external flash, etc, and several steps need to be taken before every use. Bear in mind that my housing came in faulty and there is NO service center in the Middle East for Hugyfot. I luckily found a retired underwater technician to fix it in Sharm.

    I guess the main reason for the astronomical price is the technology, materials, and effort taken to produce each housing (hand made, aluminum) which allows it to be used up to a depth of 100m. Also, the type of pics you can take with this housing are noticeably better than what you would. below is a link of a few photos taken with it

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157620594783814/

    if ur looking for something more simple, just go with the new Canon D10 underwater camera. It saves you lots of money, complications, and weight !

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