Pink Moon Boutique – Free City Launch

FREE CITY official launch on Tuesday the 18th of August, 5-10 PM, Exclusively at Pink Moon, Across from Seif Palace.

Pink Moon Boutique is one of those boutique stores in Al Seef Mall Strip in Kuwait City by the sea side, its a entrepreneurial Kuwaiti business which has been around for a little while now and I’m always up to supporting these ambitious people and I do like their store. Most of the time its for the female patrons but they have brought a new clothing line an LA based Loungewear line which is unisex, some very cool and comfortable sweats and hoodies, sizes available from S-XXL.

Link: PinkMoonBoutique

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  1. dotsNpink

    just got my free city already. but ummm GOODLUCK PINK MOON…

  2. I absolutely adore Free City. Their sweats are so comfy. Good luck Pink Moon in you Kuwaiti store. Much love.

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