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Bouhamra Clinic

Its a little while since I went for a check up, at least some blood work to see whats going with me. So I decided to go to BuHamra Clinic just off of fourth ring road while entering Salmiya. I was going for a full check of everything you can think off that would can be made from a blood and urine sample. The whole thing didn’t take more then 45 minutes with the preliminary results. Overall everything turned out to be good, I thought my cholesterol might be off the charts due to eating so much meat but it wasn’t bad, and my iron level was a little on the high side but thats better then being on the low side. The Clinic is owned by Dr. Mohammed Buhamra who is a famous dermatologist, but this was just a check up so I didn’t need to see him. Some tests will be sent to Paris and the results will be out in about 8 days and then I won’t have to do another check up in a while. At least my blood test doesn’t seem I’m overweight, it says I’m in pretty good health.