PS3 Slim in September

Sony comes out of the closet and anounces the release of the Sony PS3 Slim, coming out in the september. For $300 you get the 120GB slim with all the bangs and whistles of the normal PS3 but about a 1/3 smaller. After all this time without a PS3, I have decided to go ahead and purchase this one when it comes out, after all that Sony has worked out this is one cool looking machine and now I can get to enjoy the games that Sony has available.

Link: Engadget

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  1. Mo Hat

    No backward compatibility with PS2 and 2 USB ports. Not all the bangs and whistles.

  2. You don’t think its gonna have ventilation issues? The Machine takes up so much electricity to work everything inside it…I’m tempted to let people try it out first (wouldn’t wanna lose my saves after a week of playing)…

  3. psytrance

    Its consumes less power then the phat ps3.
    Hence less heat.Quieter fan

    Ps3 is an awesome piece of electronic hardware unlike the Xbox 360 which fails bcos of heat issues.

    I wonder how much will it be in Kuwait and all those ps3 ‘s in Rihab Hawally ,wonder how much will they go for

  4. the perfect blueray player for a basic TV set up.

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