2010 911 GT3 RS

I have this respect for Porsche products, you really feel that they are engineered with precision. I don’t know why but I’m more of a fan of the 911 GT3 then the 911 GT2. Now Porsche has taken it up a notch with the 2010 911 GT3 RS, 450 bhp through a 6-speed manual which has shorter ratios then the previous GT3 and a little more punch. The handling is also improved with Prosche’s PASM system which plants a firmer tire on the ground to handle all you can throw at it. Now usually the RS has some flashy graphics but this time Porsche has gone all out, and I really like what they have done with the graphics, its just out there. I like this orange and grey color combination they have this time for it, I’m not totally sure if you can even call it oragne.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. yikez

    can’t wait to see this in person .. someone order one!! :P

  2. my ultimate dream car is the GT3, not the rs

  3. biggie27

    its red dude not orange……the color is called red

  4. punky

    that’s that hot fire right there

  5. Nolan G

    The Porsche marketing people take some awesome pictures too.

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