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Review: G.I.Joe The Rise of the Cobra

I have been waiting months to see this movie but I was disappointed because of all the bad reviews that came out months before the movie even came out, so my expectations were lowered. Turns out they were completely wrong and I had a blast watching this action packed G.I.Joe movie. My hat goes off to the director and producer from turning a childhood cheesy cartoon from the 80s into modern day action packed film. I loved how you were introduced to the characters one after the other, and as the movie progressed you got to understand the story behind the relationship of some of these characters to help lead up to the story, it was building up an interesting climax, I wasn’t even sure how it was going to work out but the equipment and modern weaponry was really cool. The kid in me was more then satisfied, I was excited at so many different points and it didn’t disappoint at all. I was very very happy about the justice they did to Snake Eyes, they portrayed him perfectly and gave him the background story he deserved. I wasn’t sure though how the Cobra Commander comes into it, and how Cobra develops but towards the end of the movie it becomes extremely clear. I was more then happy to see the movie, I was satisfied, and the best part is that I know there is a sequel coming out for sure which got me excited, they laid the plans out for the sequel which leaves them open to do what they want. I know there are a few parts which crosses the line of reality and the rules of gravity, but its something I could accept and go with it.

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