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Luckily I got to be the first person to get this service done, I have been nagging these guys for ages now about front protection. They called me up a few days ago and told me that they would take my car for on Tuesday and have it done by Thursday afternoon, I was happy to give them my car to have the work done.

I went to check on the car before my flight to Dubai and there was the main installer and I saw the cutting machine ready to go. It seems all the guys now have pre-cut designs for these vehicles, and they had a huge list of them, pretty much every vehicle from every manufacturer, its an online database that is updated on a daily basis.

The guys started with my car later in the afternoon and so I took off, I called the next day to check on the progress and by noon it was done but they said they need to keep the car overnight to make sure that it is to their approved standards. They did the whole front, including the front lights and fog lights, side view mirrors, A-Pillars, and 3 inches of the roof. All of that for 260 KD which is the standard price of protection, and it fit perfectly. When I picked up the car it was in perfect condition, and nothing looked off instead it was a completely perfect and and in some place in the front I couldn’t even tell it was there, when your standing a bit away you can’t see the lines, its perfect. I also mentioned to them that I might have some paint work done in the front and they said they would put on the protection for free, I was happy to hear that. They will be starting the service for all cars this coming Saturday so all the cars who want protection know where to go.

Link: Huper Optik

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  1. Looks good, their stuff is done really professionally. is this type of protection different than the other ones available? the only problem i had with the others was that the protection for the hood showed and wasnt subtle enough.

  2. Abdul Aziz

    Good Job,
    A very well done job or the guys at the shop, and by the way the Q7 next to your car was mine and they took a very long time to prepare it since they was applying the film on your car for the first time.
    Any way, they do a very good job on mine and Iam waitting for the protection film fro my car as well.


  3. @aaa – aaa there will always be a line that will show, but there cut is very clean from what I have had.

    @Mark – No clue, just liked the tint on it! :)

    @Abdul Aziz – Sorry about that! lol! Yeah, I saw them working on your car when I walked in! Surprisingly they didn’t take too long on my car, I thought they would take longer.

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