Ducati 1198S Scuderia by Red Fenix

The Ducati 1098/1198 is one of Ducatis most successful machines and I am a huge fan of this beautiful machine, now this is an interesting machine from Red Fenix. You will have a pretty much race ready machine with amazing paint job a lot of the works, but a tad bit over priced when your better off get the 1098R or the upcoming 1198R which is pretty much race ready and almost unbeatable on the road. If you are looking for that one off machine then the Scuderia 1198S is the way to go, and of course you have €100,000 to spare.

Link: AsphaltandRubber

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  1. Guy

    a hundred grand :/?!thats insane

  2. JoJo


    Simple hand-made watches go for much more.Nothing is insane about it if you are in love !! & this one is all technical one-off items

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