Hazmat – WHS – Expansion to 22.06 TB

Due to the urgency of my hardware capacity expansion I needed increase the amount of space available on my WHS Server. The steps were simple, I ordered the Sans Digital 8 Disk TowerRaid for the fast expansion and I already had a eSata controller in my Hazmat server which had two spare ports, so that worked out perfectly. It just took 10 days to get all the hardware I needed, at first I only ordered two 2TB drives, but then I ordered two more and the replacement to the damage one came as well.

I took some snaps of the Sans Digital TowerRaid which looks great and ready to go, I plugged it in without any hard drives and started it up. No problems with the hardware, everything was working as it should. I tend to be a bit paranoid when it comes to installs such as these, I take things step by step and install one item at a time and I perform a restart every time to make sure nothing goes wrong and if it does I know where the problem originated from, finding the problem is half the issue.

I installed the first 2 TB, and added it to the WHS server storage pool which bumped it another 2 TB, then I added another one. Later on in the evening I got a message saying that the Hazmat server is suffering from a Hard Drive failure and that led me to order a replacement hard drive from Amazon. I took it out, and since I got three more hard drives, one of which was the warrantied drive, which I added to the pool it was working perfectly and I went through the same process of adding one by one. This time I waited about three hours before moving any files and this time it seems to have stabilized.

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  1. q8expat

    This on setup some of us will die for.. the old adage comes to mind – ” one can never have enough space” :)

  2. Great setup, but if it wasn’t for that WHS !! :-)

  3. hehe, spoken like a true Apple fanboy :)

  4. N : Anything else would go for me except products from Microsoft. Nothing seems to work fine for them !

  5. tomf

    Are you using the bundled Silicon Image 3132 controllers with your Sans Digital boxes? I’m curious if you got the drive temps to show up. There seem to be some firmware / driver issues with WHS.

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