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Just a Flat

I always know that its going to happen at some point and it good to be prepared but your never really prepared for it. I had a flat on Sunday night after the family dewaneya while heading home on airport road getting on to the 6th ring road, the way it happened was probably the most annoying. A pick up truck cut in front of me with some junk in the back, it crossed to big white soccer balls so it jumped and something fell out the back, I was in a low sports car so I was far from it, I didn’t see what fell but I tried to veer around it, and I heard “clank” and felt a shake at the steering wheel and the tire pressure sensor went off. The only thought in my head was “DAMN IT”, I was so close to home and all I wanted to do was go watch some TV shows and got to sleep early, but that wasn’t going to happen tonight.

The bad luck though is that I had to pull over inside an exit on to the 6th ring road, to the right going to Jahra and straight to Miseela. I put my flashers and got out of the car, called up the tow truck of the dealership and called my friend. I was calling again and again waiting for the guy to pick up, luckily I had a few other phone numbers. My friend kept calling me every 10 minutes to check on me and said that he was on the way but there was a hell of a lot of traffic which he had to get around. I was standing behind my car outside for at least 25 minutes before the tow truck showed up, in 65% humidity and heat.

Of course stopping on the side like that and in a location which has no side to stop in is a complete spectacle for people driving by and two lanes of cars merging into one. I think I backed up all of the airport road at 11 pm to 11:45 pm, I kept waving to people to go into the other lane and a lot of people shouldn’t be driving, I didn’t want them hitting my car and I looked at the flat and the was from the metal piece that stuck into it from the side. I had temporary spare but there was no way in hell I’m going to change a tire wearing a dishdasha, its asking for trouble and I had a 90% chance of being hit if I was standing beside the car, while standing behind it I almost got it with flashers and really slow moving cars, there are a lot of idiots on the road. There was one woman who was extremely rude and opened her window while driving and shouted “FASHLAAAAAAAA” and drove off fast, meaning “How Embarrassing!!!”, people just don’t have manners. But one thing did surprise me, at 8 cars stopped and asked if I needed a ride or help, they were decent people. Then the police came before the tow truck and stopped behind me while flashing their lights they at least moved traffic away, one police car was belonging to the central police station and was black and white, then another one came which was blue and yellow. They were very decent and I will give them the benefit of the doubt, I’m assuming wearing a dishdasha really does help, I spoke to them and they asked if I needed a ride but I thank them and said I would be off soon.

The tow truck loaded up the car, my rim was scratched from that damn metal screw but it could have been a lot worse. Hamdilla it was only this, it could always be a lot worse, and so I took my car to the dealership and dropped it off. My tire needs to be replaced and my rim needs to be fixed, I’m hope its fixable because the lip was bent a little. What a night, at least I got a decent suhoor waiting for me and my friend and I got to watch an episode of Eureka.