GulfRun 5 – Trailer

Now this is making things a little more interesting, the first GulfRun 5 trailer is out and this is the first time they have put a trailer like this together. I got the email with a link to their post and a picture attached, now I’m really gonna enjoy this upcoming event and I wonder how that camera didn’t melt at the exhaust pipe. There isn’t anything that sounds better then the roar of an engine such as this. Good job NegativEffects with this edit and putting it all together, now I just hope you guys have more videos on the way.

Link: GulfRun

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  1. 8Q

    It’s a bit too cheesy !

  2. Daddyz Girl

    Awesome trailer …very alluring !

  3. excellent videos, great cars and great editing by negativeffect. i think this gulfrun is going to be the best yet.

  4. nice work, i like the fact that local talent is being used *thumbs up*

  5. Amazing Trailer, Great Job!

    Hope you guys have fun at the track next yr!

  6. I remember Agility was a sponsor of gulfrun before. Do they have a service where they ship your car to bahrain or you drive all the way there?

  7. yikez

    Hats off to the guys who did the vid! Yala can’t frickin wait till january!!!!!!!!

    I don’t think i can sleep now..

  8. N

    Amaaaaazing!!!! I love it *

  9. tartooob

    Amazing video, loved it

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