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Review: The 47th Samurai – Stephen Hunter

The Japanese way of life is something I fine intriguing and interesting, they have a unique way of thinking and different approach to many things. Such as the balance between the Nippon Government and the Yakuza. Bob Lee Swagger is a retired Gunnery Sergeant from the Marine Corps who has a very comfortable life, until a Japanese man comes into his life looking for the sword of his father from WWII who could have been killed by Earl Swagger, Bob’s father. Bob has slowly started piecing things together from his father’s past and started getting all the pieces of the pie to find this sword, as he feels an obligation to this Japanese man but he doesn’t know the events that will transpire when he finds and delivers this sword to Phlip Yano. I really liked the character of Bob Lee Swagger, but after reading up on Stephen Hunter I expected a little more. The story was fun and I enjoyed following it but some of the pain characters just didn’t come across, they lacked depth and so when a few things were coming together I couldn’t understand the relevance. Also it just didn’t feel like Hunter really got the Japanese mentality down correctly, but overall I did enjoy the story and there was a lot of enjoy with the discussion about the blades. It was a story that kept me turning page after page, overall it was an enjoyable read but a few parts didn’t add up just the way it should.

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