Marvel Comics Bought out by Diseny for $4 Billion

The worldwide leader in family entertainment is about to get a great deal more entertaining, as the Walt Disney Company agrees to acquire iconic comic book company Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion.

Now this is an interesting development, after all these years of rebuidling the brand Marvel went ahead for a sale. Comics as many know were having a tough time over the last decade, it wasn’t like it used to be and then Comics were losing ground to a lot of different media and a lot to Manga but they made it big with Spiderman and X-Men, from there they expanded. The easy part for them is that they already had the storyline and depth to make this amazing movies and so many in the horizon, and I think they made a great business move to sell while they are on top. Disney does have a lot to offer and they do have some interesting ideas, I just hope they don’t change the direction that Marvel Universe is heading in or slow down any development of the upcoming movies.

Link: Kotaku

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  1. It’s been a childhood dream of mine to work for Disney. I wanted to work in one of those glass displayed cubicles in Disney World where I paint and draw while people watch! But then you pretty much get used to the place and it wont be special anymore. Imagine having a fight with your boss there- yuck!

  2. super heroes and mickey mouse side by side… :S

  3. Let’s see what Disney Magic will work on Marvel Comics

  4. Zeroshin

    I fail to see how Disney will allow marvel to continue their more adult oriented lines. Disney’s penchant for putting children’s entertainment first may just kill the comic giant.

  5. Halahal

    I just hope this doesn’t mean that all comics will be geared more towards “family entertainment”…
    can you imagine wolverine being polite???

  6. Chris R

    I’m pretty sure that Marvel is going to keep a safe distance from the Disney (family) brand.

    I look forward to see what they come up with.

  7. Akbar

    Mary Jane will be replaced by Snow White and Fantastic 4 will chase away Cindrella’s evil sisters…Tinkerbell will be after Professor X

  8. maxair

    hhhmmmm….movies will be more interesting from now on :P LOL

  9. Disney is shit …… everything they touch turns into highly marketed, action figured, badly produced, over generalized pooo …..

  10. Diseny and Marvel audience are different
    So by buying Marvel, diseny will widen it audience range to include child and adults.

  11. Marvel’s audience wasn’t always adults, they started with comics and then cartoons. Maybe thats what Disney is thinking about, bringing back the cartoon series.

  12. Not Dead Yet

    Disney isn’t making any money from this purchase in the short run as Marvel is obligated with other companies for the production of the Avengers movie and others up to it. But as soon as they’re done with that, they’ll be on their way. Thats beyond 2011.

  13. Nolan G

    The main motivation behind this is that Disney had trouble marketing to boys. This will help them a lot.

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