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Marvel Comics Bought out by Diseny for $4 Billion

The worldwide leader in family entertainment is about to get a great deal more entertaining, as the Walt Disney Company agrees to acquire iconic comic book company Marvel Entertainment for $4 billion.

Now this is an interesting development, after all these years of rebuidling the brand Marvel went ahead for a sale. Comics as many know were having a tough time over the last decade, it wasn’t like it used to be and then Comics were losing ground to a lot of different media and a lot to Manga but they made it big with Spiderman and X-Men, from there they expanded. The easy part for them is that they already had the storyline and depth to make this amazing movies and so many in the horizon, and I think they made a great business move to sell while they are on top. Disney does have a lot to offer and they do have some interesting ideas, I just hope they don’t change the direction that Marvel Universe is heading in or slow down any development of the upcoming movies.

Link: Kotaku