PS3 Slim – Has Arrived

The order was placed the day of the announcement of the PS3 slim with one day delivery from Amazon, luckily it was delivered a few days earlier then the suggested September 1st release date, so I received on September 1st. The packaging was very compact and simple, I didn’t expect it to be this small in comparison the normal PS3. Now I have the PS3 even though all my games are in XBox I do have a few games in mind that I want to play with PS3, so I will pick and choose from that selection when I have a chance to head over to rehab, I will buy two games which are easy to play and not too involving so I won’t get too caught up with it.

Now I just have to get a suitable HDMI cable and plug it in to try it out, I haven’t really had the chance yet to play around with it but I’m hoping for sometime over the week to check it out, and I will update it to the latest software edition to get used to that from the start.

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  1. SM

    awesome dude!

  2. congrats, now i just need to put my order through for one as well! but i dont envy your situation of having to start buying games for the ps3, because you never know where to start the possibilities are endless.

  3. oshkosh

    congrats ..

    how much did it cost you? including Aramex shipping rate.

  4. Hey nice! Consider yourself converted but mine looks hotter :P

    @aaa, actually that’s not quite true. The PS3 is relatively new. The variety is still considered baby born compared to the previous PS consoles and Microsoft Xbox. You’ll easily figure out what’s good and what’s not with a little research.

  5. Someone

    3al barka.. how much does it cost u.. and what about the shipment weight. :)

  6. You’ve finally deviated from Microsoft :-) , Thats one giant step :-)

  7. Fawaz

    hi i gust want ask about the power cabel is it normal or you have to buy another one??

  8. @aaa – I agree 100%, but there are a few games in mind, but I can wait, I will test out the Blu-Ray for now! lol

    @oshkosh – 86 KD for the PS3 Slim and 26 KD for aramex shipping

    @Miss Good Egg – Looool! Not yet, I’m still an XBox guy for now, as long as Halo is on it I’m still stuck to it! lol! Your right it doesn’t have too many games but they do have a couple of really good games worth checking out.

    @Someone – Alah ebarik ib 7ayatik. 86 KD for the PS3 Slim and 26 KD for aramex shipping, not sure about the weight though

    @G-Funk – Loooool! That is your way for sure!

    @Fawaz – The power cable is 120V so you have to get an adapter for it, you can get some good ones from Ace Hardware

  9. Miss Good Egg : yeah but about 2 years worth of games is still alot on the ps3, either way the xbox had a good head start on it you are right :)

    Marzouq : The blu ray experience is amazing with a nice set-up.

  10. psytrance

    My favs of ps3 exclusive games.

    Shooter :Killzone 2
    Adventure:Uncharted Drakes fortune
    Hack n SLash:Heavenly sword/Ninja Gaiden Sigma
    Fun Racing:Dirt /Motorstorm:Pacific Rift
    Family game:Little big planet,Sing star,Buzz quiz

    I always wanted to get Xbox 360 ,but it gets RROD all the time and similar type of games like Halo and Gears of wars only

  11. Southerner

    I want to order one from the States too, but I’m wondering whether it would work here in Kuwait or not?

  12. psytrance : im more of a ps3 guy as well, but the xbox live online experience is much better than the ps3 experience.

  13. Marzooq : Get the Naruto Game for the PS3 “Exclusively for the PS3” nothing similar on xBox

  14. The PS3 is the best Blueray player in the market.

    AS for games, I would get the PS3 exclusives only on the PS3 and everything else on the 360, nothing tops XboxLive, though my friends are always asleep when I’m online :/

  15. psytrance: yes the 360 is RROD prone, but thats on the old/launch systems, the new ones are fine. I have a launch system and it is still working fine *3aini 3alaiha barda* :p

    planing to upgrade to the rumored 250GB on if it comes out this year.for the extra storage (20GB is pathetic) and the HDMI out.

  16. Ray J

    does the ps3 slim play ps2 games

  17. They are selling it for KD120 in Rehab complex in Hawaly

    Mabrook :)

  18. @aaa – I agree, but XBox still has a better gaming experience! And luckily I do have the HD setup to work for nice Blu-Ray experience

    @psytrance – I got Kill Zone 2, Batman and a few other games. Also XBox has improved greatly over the years, they changed the boards they were using so there are less issues now.

    @Southerner – It would work, but you just need an adapter for it.

    @aaa – I agree XBox live is fantastic!

    @G-Funk – I saw it, I was curious about the Naruto game but I can wait a bit

    @N – I face the same issue with timing and my friends online! I still have the 20GB XBox! loool! I agree its pathetic, this is one thing that Microsoft is being annoying about!

    @Ray J – It won’t play PS2 games!

    @Frankom – alah ebarik ib 7ayatik! So I got it for about 10 to 15 KD less then Rehab, not bad!

  19. G-Funk

    N: save your money on upgrading ur xBox (hard drive and hdmi) and get a ps3 slim.

  20. No, there’s no comparison between PS3’s Blu-ray experience and that of the Xbox Marzouq even with the HD setup. You’ll know what we mean later. The FMVs and CGs on the PS3 are so smooth and perfect period! On the Xbox, they’re simply good.

    The PS3’s multigaming network; however, is terrible! I only tried it once or twice but I hated it. I never suggest playing games online on the PS3 unless you’re playing solo arcades. The Xbox Live wins in this area.

    So in a nutshell both consoles compliment each other. With time you’ll know which games to buy for the PS3 and which to get on the Xbox.

    As a general rule, I usually leave all RPGs and high quality FMVs enriched games for the PS3 (unless an rpg is exclusively out for the xbox) and I only buy games that I enjoy playing on LIVE or with my friends and cuz like Left 4 Dead, need for speed, Resident Evil and so on.

  21. Manal

    sorry itha kan double post

    first mabrook 3al PS3

    ana bs 3indi question about buying sony products from amazon.
    eli a3rfah ina aramex kan 7a6 warning ina mamnoo3 ink tishtiry sony products min bara because of the kuwait sony agent’s restrictions.

    fa yiseir al7een ashtirey sony online ? wila lazim adfa3 customs fees?


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