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Shows Of The Summer

Since our summer is somewhat at end the upcoming shows will be starting up over the next couple of weeks I thought I would just post up the shows which I enjoyed over the summer.

One of the funny shows I have seen in a very long time, it revolves around the life of Ted and how he got where he is with his friends and met his wife but you get to see everything else in between. The best part of the show is Neil Patrick Harris or who is really know as Barney Stinson. They life revolves around their friendship and mostly life in their local bar or the apartment, and you can’t stop laughing at what happens with them. Watching four seasons of it in the summer one go just wasn’t enough, now I can’t wait for season 5.

Hank of Hank Med lost his job in New York only to become a concierge Doctor in The Hamptons thanks to his brother. This show has developed into a very fun and interesting show, with lots of times dealing with strange and interesting medical situations with some very colorful and eccentric people, and then there are the locals. The best part is how Hank, his brother, and Devia is Physician’s Assistant handles the whole situation with all these different characters. At the same time the relationship with the main characters is developing and lets see what Hank is going to do next, staying in the Hamptons or back to New York. A great show for the summer and really worth watching.

Jack Carter is a US Marshall who stumbles upon Eureka and helps them solve a problem only to become the towns Sherrif, and that sounds simple enough. Only if Eureka wasn’t the town the US Government gathers all the geniuses of every field for them to test and develop their theories to make amazing products and items. The storyline is fantastic and the bunch of main characters are great, always working to solve one strange problem after another, and you get to see how some of these experiments work. Great show.