Lingerie Football League – September Kickoff

The Lingerie Football League kicks off its season this Friday, so we thought we would give you a little preview.The concept originated in 2004 with a Super Bowl halftime alternative special called the Lingerie Bowl. In the past I believe the Bowl was a bit of a joke, featuring models who really couldn’t play football. However this season all that has changed. While the women are certainly beautiful, and they still wear lingerie, now they can play too. This fall, ten LFL inaugural season teams will compete in a twenty week season with games being played at major arenas and stadiums. The weekly broadcast will be shot in high-definition and will be available via cable television as well as online streaming.

When this first came out a few years back it was just a half-time show in the superbowl and they had one game last year. And now for the first time they turned it into a full season with all the teams. I don’t think people should take this lightly, they are bunch of hot girls but this is a contact sport so somebody is gonna get roughed up. It took a genius to put this together, and I for one am gonna enjoy watching some of these games, I’m curious to see the skills of some of these girls who have been on these teams for a while now and I have gone through some intense training.

Link: Gunaxin

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  1. Zeez

    dude, do u fast ? !!!

  2. C

    They just got a new fan , Me , i would not be interested to know how they played but the mere thought of hot girls in Lingerie tackling one another in the mud is enough entertainment for me …….amazing post !!!!!

  3. yikez

    ta3jibny :D

  4. Ermuthan ya6ayyeb …..!!!! Jezak allah khair!

  5. El Bass

    Wow! why don’t you post something about the Niners man, Lingerie football is a novelty the Niners are the real deal. I do have to admit I am intrigued by the LFL. I think it’s kind of a joke that every game is PPV considering this is their first full season I figured at least the first game would be free to try to draw new fans in.

  6. Maybe I will watch this… It may get me into Ameican Football :) If this doesn’t – nothing will.

  7. waleed

    i will safe to after Ramadan :r

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