Review: Zain E-Go 21.6 MB/s

I was contacted by Zain to try out their new 21.6 Mbps E-Go and put it through the loop and see what its all about. The packaging seems to be nice and small, got a post-paid chip to try it out, took it out of the box getting it ready to plug into my HP Mini 5101. Just to keep in mind the 7.2 Mbps connection of Zain would get around 200 ~ 300 Kbps, so I kept this in mind when I was testing it out.

Its the usual plug and play scenario that everyone is used to, and piece of equipment is even a little better with the new setup. Its a sliding USB connection so its nice and compact, this is the Huawei HPSA+ Slider Model, fits nicely in any bag or pocket even. When you plug it in the USB emulates a CD so your software is installed and launched right away. I went into the technical details of it and trying to mess around it a bit, I had a few places in mind to test it out. When I first heard 21.6 Mbps I took it with a bit of skepticism and thought why not try it out and see what results I get.

Plug it in, configured the connection for the 3.5 G connection and went to my FTP Server which is co-hosted in Europe(Secret Location) to see what I could download a few large files and see what I would get in relation to numbers. I picked a 2.4 GB file to download and it started off at 450 Kbps which is faster then a 4MB land connection, I was impressed right away, its faster then the old 7.2 MBps E-Go right away. As I gave it time the speed fluctuated between 480 Kbps to 960 Kbps, and then I took it a step further, I got into my car and start stopping in different locations to test it out from the 6th ring road to Bida’a to Salmiya and back. I was impressed, there is a fluctuation in speed but it held solid between a 4MB to 9MB connection at 4:00 pm on Friday which is peak pressure time on the network, and so I’m assuming that late night surfing or downloading is going to be even faster then that.

This isn’t a long term test, so I’m going to try it a little bit longer to see what else I can get out of it. Now Zain has an excellent product on their hands with the possibility of great service, they will be giving Internet Service Providers a run for their money but they have to do two things, price it at an acceptable price and keep the service level at a high level. (Click on some of the images to get larger version of the graphs)


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  1. i would do that test again with a stop watch to get the real speed, i believe the download rate readings ur getting is only the speed between you and the Zain servers.

  2. Bader

    VIVA will be launching something similar soon. Money is still gonna go the local ISPs in a indirect way. But really, 9MB, thats pretty great. Like you said, it really does depend on the price. Whats the ping delay to google, yahoo, etc. Thanks for the info.

  3. @Adrenaline – No no, those are the speeds between me and my server, I was downloadings some tv episodes and a movie trying it out to see for fluctuations and its pretty good at these speeds.

    @Bader – I will check on the ping delay, but I always believe a real live connection, not a wireless connection but for a 3.5G connection this is great.

  4. Sorry guys for this question as I’m not that great when it comes to technical stuff, are you saying that this is better than 2MB land connection from any of the 3 available internet companies? If so, will it work for online gaming (ping wise)?

  5. Is there a cap limit on the download per month ? would they charge you for extra KBs or MB’s ? have you tested the speed with from the different locations you’ve been at ?

  6. Zaina

    You got a 21.6 Mbps Internet that gives you 3.6Mbps and you are impressed!

    And 450 Kbps is not faster then a 4MB!

    Your post title says 21.6MB/s and it should be 21.6Mb/s
    Capital B = byte – Small b = Bit

  7. A.Albaz

    Do you have to give the device back to Zain or do you keep it after testing?

    I really eager to test this device :(

  8. muTTon

    Well ever since i reached my download cap on zain 7.2 mbps connection … my speeds have been absolutely sad and pathetic ( the contract states if you download more than 20 GB a month they have right to decrease ur speeds , tho they havent mentioned to what speed they would be decreasing it to, they had brought down my connection speeds to 176 kbps ) … my connection is suppose to have been reinstated in the beginging of Sept .. unfortunately this has made no change to the speeds …. The customer service has been absolutely pathetic … as in one of the chappies even claimed that our contract specifies that zain has all the right to decrease ur speed at any pt of time according to their will … and im like i spend KD 27 every month to have them take me off my service when ever they please …. like hellooo where are my rights … and since im tied up to a contract i cant even get rid of it … as in i need to pay KD 50 to get this leash off of me .. and i dont mind paying the KD 27 if they were to provide me with a consistent worth while connection … but for a service which is absolutely not reliable … i doubt it …. most of my frnds have also had issues … as in initially when u purchase the connection u go thru a wow phase … as in the connnections are ridiculously awesome .. but in time the connections deteriorates…. IS zain reliable … are their future service / products going to be worth it …. hmmm im highly doubtful ….. mE

  9. I think there is a cap of 20GB a month for download, which sucks for this speed. It is absolutely unreasonable.

  10. Bro, the blog photos for all your posts rock,without doubt the best in Kuwait.

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  12. Bader


    If you reread the post, Marzouq is saying that “the speed fluctuated between 480 Kbps to 960 Kbps” which is pretty impressive. You can even click the bandwidth graph pic to see what speed his getting. Other bloggers are saying that it reaching speeds above 10Mbps. It all comes down to price/limit. If it cost less than 50KD with no limitation, then it would be great.


    Currently, the best 3G connection is VIVA. It cost 21KD and there is no limitation.

  13. Good review… Is it true re the monthly cap? That would be a disappointment.

  14. muTTon

    There is a monthly cap on the so called 7.2 mbps connection … but wat doesnt make sense is tat they dont mention /specify on ur contract to what speeds they would be decrease ur connection too … and plus wat bugs the shit out of me is tat … they still havent reinstated my connection … and i get lame ass excuses of “oh the server is down”… ” we will get the technical dept to call you”… and since the last sunday … they jus given me bogus promises with zero action …. ahhh … wat must a man do to get a worth while connection in kuwait ….. mE

  15. Marzouq: great review, a screenshot would be nice. I have a problem that when I’m at work, I only get edge coverage from both Zain and Wataniya, and nothing from VIVA, darn :(

    Zaina: 21.6 is the maximum theoretical speed of the technology, which you will never even come close to. and he obviously meant KBps, that puts it on-par with 4MB connection that most landlines cant handle.

  16. Strider

    having such download speed with monthly cap is like driving a ferrari in the parking lot.

  17. upload speed is very important to some ppl,,
    this would be great for weekends in shaleeh but at home it’s very important to have your internet from a land line ISP.

    thanks for the great review

  18. Q8_commo81

    Which has the better for on line gaming?

  19. 8Q

    DSL is still better, and most importantly you need good upload speed for gaming. If the Zain USB has good upload speed, then it is possible for good gaming. Though I have seen in Rehab complex some stores offering PS3 + e-go packages, no idea how that works though, or if it is good for that matter.

  20. LINUXxX

    the older e-go works on linux but does this work on linux too? (like ubuntu )

  21. I just bought it, there is a monthly cap of 25GB (Viva’s cap is 60GB). The gave me a DL speed of about 3.4MB and upload speed of 0.4MB

    First impressions? HUGELY disappointed. I’m giving this a month to change my mind, if it didn’t, I’ll return it and pay the cancelation fee (50 KD), and stick with my older 3G Viva connection (which has been working spectacularly well for me) whilst waiting for Viva to release their own 21MB/s connection.

    They currently offer 14MB/s one, but you have to sign a year contract with them, AND pay for the devise 32KD with a monthly fee of 39KD.

    I went with Zain because you get the devise for free, and it’s supposedly 21MB/s which really isn’t THAT different to Viva’s 7.2 3G one.

    Maybe I’m quick to judge since I’ve been using it for only two hours and in one location, but only time will tell.

  22. Musti

    Hi Marzouq,

    Actually the Network doesn’t support 21.6 MBps yet, only 14.4Mbps. Major hardware upgrades are needed and are expected to arrive by the end of the year. The idea is that the Terminals supports the 21.6 once the network is upgraded.

    Expect even higher end user speeds January Next year.

  23. Rommail

    Hi There,

    I have been hearing this rumors from some of my friends at Zain that their network is not really ready for 21.6 Mbps speeds. They only have one or two of their towers offering this speed. This launch of 21.6Mbps is just a marketing gimmik. If this is the case, I am hugely dissapointed with Zain as the last thing that I expect from them is to be cheats.


  24. C BYRNE

    I have had good success with this but was wondering why it all of a sudden just brought my DL speed to between 11 and 16 KB/S now it takes forever to get on websites and stream any type of video. Anyone have any ideas on what to do?

  25. Abdulla Tareq

    Is this ego good for Xbox Live? Because I’m thinking of getting it.

  26. Baturay

    I have been using E-Go 7.2 for more than 1 & half years. I must say and insist, it`s the worse internet I had since 15 years!!!

    my speed never goes up 50KB/S my ping is very very bad and I am an online gamer! I have contacted customer support so many times, and no one seems to know what is ping!!! and no can fix my crappy speed!

    maybe they gave you a modified e-go 21mb to test it. but the ones we will get will be slow

    why should this new 21MB e-go be better and give better speed than 7.2 or the internet in Afganistan ?

  27. Wasim

    I am also using a zain ego and its really a shit. since last three months i am complaining but they are least bothered to resolve the packet loss problem. since last 2 wks connection is like dead, 107 A-Holes tell me to go at CompuMe and these F-Btrs they says there is no problem, infact there is no prblem cose net works good at there place.

    I hate this Zain company..

  28. Will

    Alright I just got my mac book and the zain thing is way different on it. I did the proper install process but everytime I try to connect to my zain 3g it closes, it also does it for my 3.5. Can anyone help me out??

  29. mark

    Is there anywhere online to purchase this item? Is there a coverage map of Iraq for it?

  30. rajeev

    how can we upgrade upload speed of zain 21.6mpbs net?smetimes its all getting me 0.00

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