Novitec Rosso launches 660 HP Stage 3 kit for Ferrari 599 GTB

I am always a fan of Novitec Rosso and this time around they made small modifications to this 599. With the an exhaust system upgrade and a few minor upgrades they are squeezing another 40 bhp out of the engine to get the 660 bhp from this beautiful machine. I do like the kit they have for it and the rear of that machine, now to see what they come up with next.

Link: Autoblog

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  1. Stunning! I love the lowered stance of the car and how it sits on those rims.

  2. thumbs up from me, i think it looks good.

  3. Shape is cool, typical wheels too but they really messed up the lights.

  4. love it,, would look sick if it’s black!!

    i really love rear wings on Ferrari’s,, make them look hardcore

  5. ZAHED

    looks hot

  6. The M Code

    I love the 599 GTB, and now with these mods it makes my heart beat fast. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

  7. Im a big fan of the 599. In Stock form, maybe with a tweak to its exhaust note to make it a little louder, a good paintjob and maybe a different set of rims, but it looked better stock imo.

    Ferraris are perfect as is, maybe with a little tweaking, Novitec always goes to far with them.

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