Now this is a service that has come in handy on Friday, I’m the type of man that only buys cloths when necessary and that point is usually when they no longer resemble clothing. I have been using the same chemaaq for a while now and I got a few new ones because my brother bought them for me, but in my case I don’t have a clue where to get new ones. So I was in a predicament since I have worn my chemaqs to death and I don’t wear qitras because they are too light for me.

My friend recommend ghetrity so I called them up and gave them my address Thursday evening, and then at Friday 2 pm they came to the house with a sample of every white chemaaq they had and I was surprised of the variety, I’m even lucky I knew the size and I don’t even know how they base those measurements.

There was Givenchy and Dunhill chemaaqs, that was surprising since I thought Givenchy had a fashion line and perfume, and Dunhill had a men’s fashion line and cigarettes. Seems that chemaaqs are big business and these fashion companies are involved, then he opened a box which matched the ones I was wearing exactly. I asked how much that one was, turned out to be 9 KD and so I asked for six pieces, the guy went and came back 30 minutes later with 6 pieces, I paid and he left. Now that couldn’t have been more convenient, I didn’t even have to leave my basement. What more could you ask for, decent prices, great quality and selection, and quick service and all at the comfort of your home.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. thats very convenient! thanks for the info.

  2. Purgatory

    Might be fakes

  3. Azteca

    Whats their contact info?

  4. ZAHED

    they have the best service ever.

  5. AMK

    They deliver all over Kuwait. 25324158 or 1805353 ext. 622. Soon, will be through

  6. jewaira

    what a good idea!

  7. Laialy_q8

    I remember seeing thier booth in that exibition in al rayaa

  8. Q80 In Denver

    La Dunhill wela Marlboro .. mako 3ala el Bassam :p

  9. Lexicon

    that givenchy one looks like it a knock off

  10. waleed

    i always buy Givenchy and Dunhill chemaaqs

    and the price is around 20 KD and its from the distributor in the Blockat

    but 9 KD hmmmm feeha shak

  11. Someone

    albassam way better.

  12. AMK

    Yes you’re right, KD9 is not for Dunhil or Givenchy chmaq, there are for kd20 at least. The designs for for 2009 for KD22. I think KD9 is for Albassam chmaq.

    Thanks Jasem ;), I agree, is very good as well :P

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