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Review: The Bro Code – Barney Stinson

My simple thought is that every man should read this book, and every woman if they would like incite into a man’s simple mind. This is an extremely simple read, it only lasted two days because its simple articles of conduct and the way of life that “Bro” should follow, and I know I will be reading it again for a laugh just to check a few articles. The best part is I have this mental image of Barney Stinson while reading each article and I could hear his voice in my head, makes me laugh even more. Its just a funny read.

Article 47
A Bro never wears pink.
Not even in Europe.

Article 84
A Bro shall stop whatever he’s doing and watch DIE HARD if it’s on TV

Article 93
Bros don’t speak French to one another.

Article 103
A Bro never wears socks with sandals. He commits to one cohesive footgear plan and stick with it

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