R8 Raptor and the Mini Cooper Ad

The Audi R8 has been a very successful car for Audi, the only complaint that people had was that it was not powerful enough or the car was too heavy for its engine. So now they have made the Audi R8 5.7 Liter V10 520 bhp available, so what can you do with the V8 as what they have done and slap on a supercharge with 5 lbs of torque to push out 550 bhp and you end up with a very mean machine. These guys have also made some interesting modifications to get this car ready for bullrun, a few of those items are police scanners as well as police lights, now thats one very mean looking machine, more like Batman’s day car.

Link: Autoblog

There have been pictures of the new Mini Cooper coming out in Frankfurt and I do have to say that I like it. Now Mini have went and made this odd looking add about this or these machines, from this advertisement I think its two cars or two variations of one car.

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  1. i was never an audi fan, but the R8 has the potential and i think this upgrade just starts giving it an edge to compete with other cars of its caliber. as for the mini, who doesnt love that car, cant wait to see it, the ad seems cool.

  2. As far as styling goes, the R8 is simply gorgeous. The only thing that turned me off from it was the V8 engine. It seems to have a lag, almost like a lazy vibe to it. But if we talk about the V10, then it’s a completely different story! That’s what should have been used from day one IMO.

  3. That’s a weird ad.

    It got a jump from me. Bastard.. =O

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