TAM Auto Engineering – Dubai Visit

Now that GulfRun is coming up I’m really looking forward to test driving my car after the modifications that have been made. TAM have been great in updating me with the tasks, there have been complications but luckily they are professional and have the expertise to complete the tasks at hand.

I took the car out for a fast spin, fast being above certain legal limits, and I have to say that Dubai roads are very wide and I do enjoy those big round abouts when you have so much traction. Then I took the car back after the successful test run, I didn’t have a chance to wait to see the dyno numbers but I’m going to get that by email.

The one thing I do enjoy is every time I visit there are always a different combination of cars, from classics, to muscle cars, Italian cars, and Japanese monsters. All these machines are extremely unique and are in safe hands, I’m amazed at this strange combination and I’m always curious what modifications they are working on, some are simple and some are very extreme.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Sorry Kuwait

    This a state of the art facility and a top notch garage. It is absolutely unbelievable; we will never even come close to them. The junkies (Syrians, Egyptians, rip offs, etc.) that we have here and the level of quality is throwing us way behind.
    Good luck with your car.

  2. wow, I’ve been away from the cars modifying world for the longest time, and you’ve just brought back all the good memories of that world.
    love the pics

  3. Look at those toys..

    I think I just came.


    The Shelby is gorgeous!!!!

  5. Sorry Kuwait, it’s very simple to open such a garage here in kuwait! the owner decides what type of garage he wants, let him hire the right ppl and that’s it. a quality control things also…

  6. Mansour

    loved the Chevelle !!

  7. Abid: Friday the 28th/29th of January 2010

  8. Brilliant photos! What a garage! I’m quite impressed with the selection of cars being worked on.

    The M6 looks sweet, great job! I’m also an M freak and I’m quite impressed with what you’ve done.

    What mods did you add if you don’t mind me asking?

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