PS3 Slim – Some Game Time

Unboxing the PS3 was a simple process, but wiring it up and powering it up was going to be a headache so I decided to do that at a later point. So I went to Ace Hardware to pick up a voltage regulator to handle 2x110V connections and 2x220V connections smoothly since I also had the XBox 360 running on 110V. I wired up the PS3 Slim to the Home Theater A/V (Onkyo 875) using the HDMI cable of the Onkyo DVD player since it didn’t come with one as a temporary solution, then I connected to the network and switched on the power regulator to switch on the PS3. While I was there I sorted out the network cable connections and power cable connections, my cable management skills are close to zero, I like seeing clean jobs but I just can’t seem to do clean wiring myself but overall it wasn’t too bad.

Switched it on and I started roaming about the Operating System not sure where to go, but just poking around. I wanted to create user profile and thought to make PSN user profile so I can use it for online game but it seems that I had to update to the 3.0 software which took me over 10 minutes to find where to update it. Sony’s way of doing things seems interesting and I remember it from the PSP but this time around its alot more options and menus. After updating the system, creating my user profile, I opened up Kill Zone 2 and decided to play the famous FPS game of the PS3. I was having fun, and I have to say the graphics are amazing, loaded up the game and went to shooting and I am enjoying it but its far from Halo.

I bought a couple of other games for the PS3 and XBox 360 while I was there:

  • Kill Zone 2 – PS3
  • Batman – Arkham Asylum – PS3
  • Need for Speed – Under Cover – PS3
  • Section 8 – XBox 360
  • Red Faction – Guerrilla – XBox 360

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  1. Yasir AL-Balushi

    umm…im not sure if i understood this in the wrong way but you DO realize that the both the PS3 and PS3 Slim’s power supplies are 110v to 240v right ? i have both an Xbox 360 and a PS3 which are imported from the US and even though i use a power converter for the 360, i directly connect the PS3 to the power outlet with no problems.
    It has been confirmed that the ps3 slim ALSO has a universal power supply.
    check out the 2nd point of step 12:

  2. Yasir AL-Balushi

    im EXTREMELY sorry for TRIPLE posting XD
    but i just wanted to mention that the PS2 Slim’s power cable can be used with the ps3 slim, no power converters or anything is required.

  3. nothing can compare to halo, no matter how hard you try

  4. D

    Hello. I was just wondering where you got your Batman Arkham Asylum collectors edition from?

  5. Microsoft fan boys :-) .. I bet that once you dig deep into the PS3 you’ll say.. “Halo !!! What Halo…. what are you talking about ? ” :-)

    PS world is much better”To me at least” than any gaming console out there, Xbox online gaming requires a subscription which i think is totally a bad way of doing it. PS online gaming has and will always be Free.. Which is the best way online gaming suppose to be.. you’ve already paid a premium for the game, why pay extra to enjoy playing it ?

  6. bn

    Need for Speed Undercover!!??? DUDE Need for Speed SHIFT is the one you should have got.

  7. 3baid

    I agree with you G-Funk

  8. Khalid

    Btw The PS3 Slim And Fat Both Have A Universal AC Adaptor Inside It.. Works With 110-240V

    So It Doesn’t Need A Voltage Regulator

  9. Grea;

    you have officially joined the dark side :)

  10. Mabrook on getting the ps3 slim, itkasra bil3ayfa :P It looks gorgeous! I think I’ll get one once the new Final Fantasy comes out in April. Sucks that I missed out on the one day only 69KD per ps3 slim deal. How was Batman? I heard it’s supposed to be awesome.

    P.S. How come you haven’t accepted my friends request (xbox 360) yet? I was really looking forward to beating you on Halo 3.

  11. G-Funk: Xbox live service is not even comparable to the PS3 online service. I play on both system and decided that I will get all the multi-platform games on the 360 and only the exclusives on the PS3. The online service on the 360 is just fantastic, don’t like the $50 but its worth it.

    bn: NFS: Shit will come out in a few days actually, the 15th.

    Drunk’n’Gorgeous: Batman: AA is awesome.

  12. T.Pain

    If my PS3 blows up on 240v i am going to be pissed!

    N: I think you meant NFS: Shift and not NFS SHIT. Although most of the previous NFS games have been SHIT.

  13. maxair

    :) how’s batman ? i’ve read in many many places that it’s gonna be great can u confirm that?! ;)

  14. Thank you for the info, this is definately going to help.

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