Out Of Town

As of beginning of the week I got on the plane and took off for a little while with some family and some work. It kind of worked out to be a combination of work, getting some work travel done in between spending some time with the family. First stop has been Italy and I have been wanting to come here for years but never had an excuse to come but I’m quiet happy we are here now. What more can you want, amazing people, love the language great food, amazing scenery and you can feel the culture and that’s only in Rome. A few more stops before heading home but its going to be an interesting trips, and luckily I brought my camera with me.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Attending any football games? :)

  2. nice, enjoy it and tell me about some cool places to go to in rome :)

  3. G-Funk

    Bissalama , enjoy ;)

  4. 3azeez

    you’re enjoying Rome?! man…

  5. rome is my absolute fav. city

    enjoy every minit of it

  6. tro7 o terja3 bessalama
    pizza and risotto everyday plz

  7. maryam

    it’s very hard to mix business with pleasure. When I’m on a business trip, I don’t enjoy my little free time much :) you gotta have a vacation to really enjoy it all

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