Halo ODST – Live Trailer

I have preordered this game a long time back, but I don’t think I’m getting the special features because I’m ordering it through Amazon. But check out the live trailer they did for Halo ODST it gives you a real feel to the game, I really do hope they come out with the movie soon. The funny part are the “Red vs. Blue” Episodes about how the normal Halo players are afraid of the ODST players. I think we might have a chance with ODST but still get are asses handed to us.

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  1. The movie will probably suck just like every other serialized or filmed project out there (the exceptions are FF7 Advent Children & Iron Man).

  2. That’s one amazing trailer. Looking forward to picking up the game, and GTA: Stories from Liberty City.

  3. another dose of Halo is always welcomed. This is the most anticipated game of the month.

  4. ddas

    its out in xcite already

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