iPod Disappearance @ Toyota

Usually when I’m traveling I try to get a car service done or anything that would take some time to get done. I had this arranged with Toyota to get my 10K service and a little paint job done for the Landcruiser. It took a total of two and a half days to get it all done, when my friend went to pick it up the Body Shop Manager told him that the iPod from my car was missing and they can’t find it, it was listed in the original paper when the car was submitted and they can’t find it. Now my friend went a little ballistic on them before I even knew, but they offered right away to purchase a new one for me. So he called up Alghanim Electronics and they are sold out and waiting for the new iPod Classics which were announced. The body shop work cost 95 KD and the 10 KD service was 25 KD, and the cost of the iPod Classic 120 GB was 85 KD. But it wasn’t available so I ordered it from Amazon and emailed my friend the emailed invoice, he sent it to them and they were reluctant to pay since it was an emailed invoice but after my friend spoke to the Body Shop Manager again, they paid the 80 KD, but that doesn’t include Aramex shipping but I didn’t mind. I usually take out all the items from my car but I wasn’t there this time around, but I have to say I was surprised this happened at Toyota, at BMW I would expect it in Kuwait but not Toyota. They were gracious enough to offer to pay right away, even if it took a little arguing.

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  1. Jr.

    do u have an ipod integration kit? If so what is it? i have a VXR, but doesnt have any ipod connections whatesover!!

  2. Most dealers wouldn’t even offer to pay for any missing items so that’s definitely awesome of Toyota to do so.

  3. salah

    it happend to me twice in almulla, when my pajero was in service my ipod was stolen like ayear ago, i didnt argue much becuse they told me that i should remove all valables from the car, last august when i done the service i forgot the new ipod and yes again it was stolen, i got real angry and contacted the managers there, thankfuly they managed to locate it and apoligised and told me the workers found them and “put” them away, i was shocked why the workers didnt “put” them back…..

    after that I don’t even leave money in the ashtry when I service the car

  4. can’t believe they listed all your belonging!!! it’s a 1st in kuwait

  5. interesting, i remove everything just to be on the safe side. sometimes its hard to resist for a minimum making worker not to keep his hands off things lying around.

  6. Lucky you!! You got 80KD. But better not to leave anything when you take the car for service.

  7. I dont know if uve seen the video yet or if you are a fan of Ken Block, i posted it on my blog. The latest from Ken Block, on the DiRT 2 launch! Check it out, its crazy!

  8. Are you sure you didn’t misplace it? maybe this is just an excuse to get the new iPod :)

  9. Thats nice of them! I wonder if they would do that at Al Mulla

  10. Wow… I’m impressed (even if it happened only with the arguing)

  11. Bood

    Not bad from toyota to pay you back !

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