Halo Anime – 5 Mins Of It

I think they went down the right road to turn Halo into an Anime, to tie up the rich storylines together between all that the Sergeant has gone through. This is a five minute clip of the anime and I’m happy to see that they are doing it justice, and the Spartan is shown as the bad ass that he is, can’t wait for the whole anime to start coming out. Even the noises of the little grunts getting killed sounds the same, I’m planning to watch it in Japanese with Subtitles rather then with English dialogue.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. was planing to send you the link last night, thought you might like it :-)

  2. Yousef

    I am a Halo fan but i think they are runing it. Something doesn’t feel right about making this anime. It’s from the moment I first saw the trailer.

  3. it looks amazing! too bad the new halo game turned out to be a dissapointment :/ well for me at least bas i havent tried the multiplayer mode yet so that might make it worth while

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