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Iron Man – Kotobukiya Statue

Every once in a while you find the right piece that you really don’t expect, and this came out of no where. I received the Kotobukiay Iron Man Statue for my birthday a few months back and I have had the hardest time trying to figure out where to put this amazing statue, I can’t get enough of it but I didn’t want to ruin it. I kept on trying to figure out the perfect location for it, and simply I found the perfect spot in my home theater area.

I placed Iron Man on the left front speaker, and I didn’t know until I unboxed him that there are is a switch to see the lights of the eyes and the chest plate. Its such a cool statue, I keep thinking if only I had the real life suit that this would be cooler. Its a perfect 13 inches, with a few bumps and bruises to resemble the real suit and the quality of the Kotobukiya statue is honestly amazing, every time a friend walks in I ask them what they think, the usual reaction is that its cool but when I switch on the light of the suit, there eyes pop out. I am one happy movie goer, now to only work on the getting a fully functional suit.