My Friend’s Speed Test

My friend just sent me an email with an attachment, to say I was jealous was an understatement. This is his Comcast connection in his apartment in Chicago and his parent’s home in San Jose. I couldn’t believe the numbers I’m seeing, downloads of at least 50 Mbs and uploads of 8 Mbs those numbers are ridiculous. We are hitting 8 MB the past year and maybe doubling it soon and we are very happy, and he has a casual 50 MBs connection and there are services offering 100 Mbs connection at the cost of our 4 Mb connections in Kuwait. You can never have too much speed or space… I always want more.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I think they are linked. When you get faster speeds, you are gonna download more and will need more space!

  2. jaja

    see it’s 62.55 Mb/s, now im not sure if they meant MB/s or mbps (notice the small b). If it is MB/s then that’s a connection of 500mbps which is pretty much something we will see a 100 years later, if they mean mbps then that’s a download rate of ~8 MB/s which is, again, something we will get a 100 years later.

  3. fibreoptics ….. kickass …..

  4. Still remember my cable connection back when I used to be in the states, 8Mbps and I was soo happy with it… Damn that is fast :-(

  5. VirusX

    For those who don’t know what 62.55 MB/s really is .. ( it equals 8 Mega Byte per second), It means that you can download a movie of 700 MB in JUST A (00:01:45.83) Unfortunately:
    Zero Hour
    One Minute
    Forty Five Second
    and eighty three millisecond


  6. Mr. Connection

    Dial-up rules!


    I’m getting speeds of 2.79 mb/s which is annoying! 3 at the most the past few days – it’s killing me, Damn it!

    I wish i was back in the states!

  8. Let me tell you a little secret… in Japan, it’s even FASTER ;)

  9. Its our own fault, we pay to the tooth for crap speed in Kuwait. Things are improving slowly but still, we have a long way to go…

  10. I’ve recently subscribed to Qualtity Net’s 4mb and all I get on my speed test is just under 3mb…where am I going wrong?

  11. Pyyth4

    I think they have something called bandwidth limit there….

    Here we have nothing :D

  12. lol @ G-Funk. Kick the guy in the next office, he’s probably stealing your bandwidth :P

  13. Nolan Gaudreau

    yeeeeeeeeeee haw

  14. Nathan

    That’s my connection!

    Just downloading 6 seasons of a show in HD in about 35 minutes =)

  15. Nathan

    Also, something interesting.. came out with a new site,, for testing your connection quality.

  16. Nathan

    It is also worth checking out’s new site,

    It will check your connections quality.

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