Heathrow – Terminal 5

Over the years I have gotten used to Heathrow Terminal 4, I even look forward to it when traveling, the food counter, and the location of the shops. Now with Terminal 5 things have really changed, even when checking in its different and when going to the lounges of British Airways its very confusing as to where exactly you have to go. Security is better since there are a lot of terminals for people to go through but they do have a lot of flights taking off at any one point in time. I haven’t been using British Airways much since I haven’t been going to London for a while now, mostly on Emirates or Lufthansa since both airlines are cheaper then British Airways. After getting done with security I went to the Club Lounge to drop off one of the bags I was carrying and only carry my back pack.

One thing I’m happy about is that the electronics store, book store, magazine shop, and music store are really close to each other. I didn’t have a chance to walk as much as I wanted since I was pretty tired and I just wanted to sit in the lounge, and the lounges are all a bit intertwined, not that you can use the other lounges but the other lounges can see each other. There is a Concorde Lounge which is the flagship lounge, the First Class Lounge, and the Business Class Lounge, but I’m not sure I missed one of the lounges since its a bit confusing the first time around. When I came to look for my terminal to take off to Kuwait I almost missed since they don’t announce flights in the lounge any more for some reason and it was very far, I really had no clue where I was going. Overall the terminal is nice but a too big, I still want to explore when I have the chance and the energy to walk around, but it does feel nice and spacious when walking around and now I have to look for a new food place to try out in the terminal.

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  1. I heard it’s real nice but I don’t get why they have covered seating in the picture here when evidently it’s indoors.

  2. I have yet to try it!

    it’s been a while since i was last at Heathrow

  3. I LOVE T5. I love the way it is laid out, the way everything has been designed from scratch. Like the check-in desks – when you finish checking in, you walk straight ahead (as if you are in a supermarket queue), instead of back. Common sense, but no other airport in the world has done it!

    I think the reason the seats are covered in the photo is to demarcate the seating area – to make it feel more intimate, instead of feeling like you are just a tiny fish in a massive sea.

  4. Did you try the hand dryer in the bathrooms? If you didn’t you should next time.

  5. Terminal 5 is great, but there is one problem. Every thing closes at 9 or 10 (not sure) our flight back to Kuwait got delayed for 2 hours and half the passengers of the flight were planning to eat at the airport. but once we got there, everything was closed. man was I hungry :(

  6. Q80 In Denver

    Go try Gordon Ramsey’s (PlaneFood) restaurant .. It serves good food :)

  7. YAy NICE pic’s
    of Termianl 5
    I’ve just got back from there 27th of september :p

    GOOD shot’s :D

  8. on my last flight back from the US we were in that terminal for a while i recognize exactly where we sat from that last pic

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