Tallest Buildings in Perspective


Just to put a few buidlings in perspective this is the new Burj Dubai in comparison to a few other famous buidlings. I have seen it quite a few times and I’m still impressed when I see the size of it, and its not just one buildilng, its multiple buildlings formed into one giant skyscrapper. The red ones are getting built, some soon to finish and others a little longer down the line, and the black ones are a few of the tallest buildings in the world, click on the picture for a larger and clearer image.

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  1. Heard a new one is coming in Saudi which will be 1.6kms tall =) Not sure how true this is…

    Also, what happened to that project of building the tallest building in Kuwait?

  2. I wonder how awesome the view will be from the top of Burj Dubai :)

    Akbar: I think it was part of the planing of “Silk City”, which is a figment of our imagination :/

  3. As a proud Canadian, I say you put the CN Tower in that diagram! At 553 meters tall, its still the tallest completed free standing structure in the world.

  4. I wonder where the US World Trade Towers would have stood in comparison to the towers on this diagram?

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