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Ride Out on Oct 4th

So for a while now I get emails about people wanting organized group rides, usually I refer them to the BMW Motorcycle Club since they are a good group and take everyone under their wing. This time around I’m doing this a little differently, I’m usually only riding with a few friends in Kuwait. This time around its an open invitation to those who would like to ride, its just a simple outing for anyone who wants to try a group ride for once, I don’t think I will be doing this often since I usually don’t ride around this time but I thought I might try organizing it. This is a night ride starting at Bida all the way to Julai’a Starbucks and back to Miseela gas station.

Meet Up:
Location: Starbucks Bida’a Strip
Date: Oct 4th
Time: 6:00 pm (Meet Up Time) – 6:30 pm (We Leave Bida’a to head to gas station and then Julai’a)
*I will be on the Ducati 1098 or KTM RC8, easy bikes to find in a crowd

One note, if you are a novice rider I don’t recommend that you try a night ride in this group. We aren’t a bunch of professionals such as the people from Tristar or Harley Davidson. We are going to keep it as safe as possible, but let it be noted we keep a fast pace.