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Lamborghini Estoque In The Wild

Now this is a machine that many have been anticipating, and I for one think its the best looking high end four door out in the market. They named the car after the sword of the Bull Fighter called the Estoque, its a name befitting this machine. The press release was a little while ago, and now its spotted in Italy and appropriately next to the Gallardo Police of Italy. This machine looks better in real life then it does in the pictures, and it looks good from every angle.

The Estoque will have the same engine as the LP560-4, with 552 bhp at its command. There is no doubt that this car carry’s Lamborghini’s style and sprot perfectly, but surprisingly it looks spacious from the insides and I’m hoping that Lamborghini have gone ahead put a lot of goodies inside. Now we just have to wait for the shocking price to come out, but I estimate it to be between $170’000 to $220’000 based on other manufacturers who have made vehicles in this range and level.

Link: Carzi