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Review: Joby – GorrilaTorch Flashlight

Every once in a while you come across an interesting piece of electronic/tool, the GorrilaTorch Flashlight from Joby. They made those very flexible and useful tripods for cameras and DSLR cameras, and now they made this flash light with the same idea behind it.


  • Battery compartment is right behind the light making it easy to rotate in any direction or angle without restriction
  • LED light used it bright and perfect for its use, but the dispersion is centered like a flash light, it would have been more useful if it flood a little more
  • Magnetic tips at the end of the tripod is perfect for mounting to metal objects
  • The ball and socket joints of the tripod are very flexible to bend in almost all directions, and rubber pieces provide great traction
  • The light is dimmable
  • Reasonably priced at $35


  • The focused light could have been a little better, that is my only issue


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