Phone Replacement

I have had my SE T700 for about a year and a half now, I update the firmware but the phone has pretty much gone into crashing spiral. If I call a number that isn’t stored it rings but the screen hangs, and if I go into sms it takes a minute or two to load up, it has its moods when it wants to work. I have to admit though that it has survived some pretty damaging falls and lasted a while but I need a replacement.

I was thinking for a while not to take a chance get a completely different phone but I’m a bit put off:

Garmin G60 – Linux based Garmin phone with simple functionality and Garmin map functions.

I’m not getting it because of the horrible reviews that it has gotten as it seems to have issues.

HTC Hero – I have always wanted to try an Android phone and the HTC UI is appealing but I’m very hesitant.

I’m avoiding all Windows phones at all costs, I took that road a long while back and I refuse to do that because of the hell that I went through with their crappy products and even their new Windows Mobile OS is crap. So after all that I’m left to go back to Sony Ericsson phones even though I think they are great phones and do the job as phones.

(iPhone is not an option, I would break it in one day)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I love to pit my hand on an Android mobile, specifically HTC hero which I think looks amazing despite the lag thingy which I think they fixed with a new firmware.

    I am considering iPhone, I finally changed my mind about Apple a little bit…I hate the way they hold on things though.

    You might like to consider SE Satio.

  2. Mo

    I don’t know about the Garmin but if I had the choice I’d choose the Hero for the Android OS. Just having a Google product running the phone is good enough for me, plus it’s the logical competitor to the iphone. Only problem I’ve heard about the Hero is that the processor is too slow for the functionality and that the phone would have been perfect if it had a faster chip. Another issue with HTC phones in general is the unlocking, it doesn’t always work perfectly.

    Check out some more reviews on the Hero but be prepared to shell out a good sum for an unlocked phone. However, if you’re worried you might break the iphone then you should also worry about the Hero. If all else fails you can still buy yourself a Motorola DynaTAC, you know the ones that look like WWII field radios?

  3. I love to pit my hand on an Android mobile, specifically HTC hero which I think looks amazing despite the lag thingy which I think they fixed with a new firmware.

    I am considering iPhone, I finally changed my mind about Apple a little bit…I hate the way they hold on things though.

    You might like to consider SE Satio…I used to own G900 which is a touch screen phone, and yeah it sucks…Reading what you said above reminded me of that, I am not sure if SE can actually make great touch phones…But maybe that was changed now with Satio.

  4. Abadeeni

    If you are looking for a good battery and easy to use go for the new Nokia E52.
    Other than that try BB

    Good luck

  5. there are so many options its so hard to buy a phone now. iphone, blackberry, symbian platform and now the revamped windows mobile in the making and of course android. where do we start and end!?

    Abid : is the palm pre gsm version out yet?

  6. Why not consider the iPhone ? Your choices are nothing of a difference from the iPhone ( both touch screen ) , besides, you have the ipod touch with all your downloaded app there which can be ported to your iPhone, you already have thousands of apps (and increasing) in the app store , you cans shoot video and still and upload to youtube or flikr, you have all of you IM apps available (with push notification), faster processor and GPU, voice commands, hundreds upon hundreds of accessories available.. (apps, music, video and ringtones ) available for purchase and download right from your phone even over 3G..

    If you are trying to switch from a normal phone to a smart phone, I would suggest you consider the iPhone, other than that, get yourself a motorola or even look for a newer Sony Ericsson model.

  7. KuwaitQ

    Been using android for 9 months now, heres the verdict:
    -very simple software
    -many interesting apps (on android market)
    -Google is insistent to making you happy (shows my regularly sending updates that keep making my phone better and easier to use)
    – Love the hardware (easy use of keyboard and/or touchscreen)
    – but in the end there is no breakthrough application or program that makes this phone way better than the others, although google is expected to seriously consider entering this market

  8. Laziale

    I’ve been using Iphone 3GS 32GB for 2 weeks now , and its the Best touch screen i’ve ever use ( Captive ) . and way better than B. But , the new 3.1 software is driving me nutts ! lots lots of lags , and it has serious problems . Hope they fix the problem in Ver 3.2 .

  9. Mo : the htc hero is sold unlocked much cheaper than the iphone 3Gs, its about 200kd shipped to kuwait. the problem was sometimes it would get laggy when flipping through screens but with last months update it has fixed that, and there is also supposedly another update coming this month. as for the processor, it isnt top of the line, but you dont feel drawn back by it i guess.

  10. Kuwaity

    well, I’m an old school man, I’m still using SE P1i because it has everything I need plus (and most important) it works perfectly, very reliable. Also the battery is a large 1S lipo which has a capacity more than my R/C bike’s battery!

    I want to change but did not find any thing that works like this one, so I’m just gonna buy simply new P1i.

  11. yikez

    Since ur thinking of getting a touch phone .. i think u should look no further than the iphone. Hands down it’s the best touch phone.

  12. (iPhone is not an option, I would break it in one day)

    hahaha, thats what you think…i wish i had a Fils for every time i dropped it, and a KD for every time i tried to ease the drop using my foot but ended up kicking it.

    used Sony Ericsson are best

  13. …sorry i pressed enter by mistake

    used to think Sony Ericsson are best, but nothing beats the iPhone…if you want an Android u can get one soon from Motorola but i wouldn’t do it…at least not yet.

  14. i know iPhone is not an option! but i strongly suggest you give it a try, get the iPhone 3Gs

    Just like how you weren’t a fan of blackberry at first and got used to it now, You might end up liking the iPhone :)

  15. faisal

    the htc hero is gr8 i got mine a month ago and loving it day by day i use it a lot the firmware up date get the phone a bit faster but even if you dont download it its still a very good phone so if i were u id get one

  16. HTC Hero man! Been using it for a few weeks now with the latest firmware and there’s hardly any lag to speak of and the customization options run circles around the iPhone. I got it for like KD.165 from Kuwait Mall (but it was Orange branded).

  17. If it’s not an iPhone it may as well be a brick with a screen drawn on it… Take the leap and if it falls, don’t kick it on its way down like Adrenaline :)

    If I wasn’t ‘stuck’ with the Blackberry for work, I will not need a moment to think about it. Friends/family who bought it are loving it.

    Good luck.

  18. Varma

    Go for Palm Pre! The GSM version will b out this 18 in UK via O2

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