I ♥ Italy

I don’t know how to describe this country, I love everything about it, the cities, the streets, the men, the woman, the children, the art, architecture, food, attitudes, machines, cars, motorcycles and especially the language. I have been wanting to come to Italy for the past few years and it hasn’t worked out for me and suddenly something came up that I had to go, and for the time that I have been here I love very part of it. Italians are so passionate and amazingly friendly, even when they are angry they sound fantastic, and their language just roles off so smoothly and easily. Sometimes when someone speaks Italian to me I want to reply in Italian and then I realize that I don’t know any Italian and I stay silent with my mouth open for second waiting for the words to form up and exit.

The weather is amazing and luckily it only rained when we went to another city, I have to say that I enjoyed the streets of Rome. There is so much to see, so much art, so much architecture. At night it feels like the city is alive and the whole city is lit up, they have designed it amazingly, you pass so many Pallazos (Palaces), Vatican City, Castel Sant Angelo, Pallaza Navano, the Collossium, and so many other places. Its amazing how Italy is, even during the week the restaurants don’t get filled up until its 10:30 pm or 11:00 pm unlike many other cities which are quite by 9:00pm, if you go to any restaurant at 9:00pm it would be empty and won’t start filling up until 9:30 pm. This city is amazing and I loved every moment of it, I just felt like a kid in candy store. Then there are so many motorcycles and scooters, I saw so many Ducati Street Fighters on the street and a lot of BMWs to my surprise, and so many other machines in abundance. The motorcycle culture is part of their genes, there is a form of organized chaos in this city that can’t be described it can only be understood when you are in it, for how aggressive people drive in Italy they are extremely considerate of motorcycle and scooter riders flying all over the place.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. i know exactly how you feel being that i just got back a couple of weeks ago. the whole atmosphere there is so relaxing and the italians themselves are hilariously straightforward and natural. And the weather was great! i really understand the whole mood you are talking about being in italy. and im already planning my next trip there!

  2. Oh WOW! Are those your pictures?
    I <3 Italy too! I so wanna be there! I like the way you described it! Its the food, language, and their english accent! Shopping.. gelato! Weather! Its people! Everything about it <3 <3 <3

  3. Yewesif

    The girl in black dress (bikes pic) looks hot :P


  4. Kuwaity

    Yeah Italy is an amazing country. Although I like Switzerland more than Italy, It is a lot quieter, and people are less aggressive there. But I can’t resist Italian food, even in Kuwait!

  5. Noyaa

    yeeet eb wagtek! :) im going to rome next week bas the hotel im staying in FAJA’A gale fully booked can u recommend any hotels in or beside the spanish steps or via venetto!


  6. just wanna go there again for the pizza and chicks

  7. A7medo

    yasalam Z, seems like you had a great time dude, did u atleast drop by a club called ALIEN? its pretty amazing.

  8. VirusX

    Waw! Marzouq can you upload the 3rd picture in HQ please .. It’s quite amazing!

  9. Offff Z I felt the same way you did when I first saw Milano and from that moment I decided to learn their language, but unfortunately stopped at level 6, no time.

    And Noyaa, check out Tablethotels.com you might find something available I like this site, mostly boutique hotels. small and modern

  10. maryam

    hope to go this summer :D

    your third picture is amazing

  11. Great shots… Like many the 3rd is my fav.
    Nice post.

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