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Review: Pandorum

Now this movie was unexpected, its been a while since we had a good Sci-Fi thriller. The last Sci-Fi thriller that I remember freaking me out was Event Horizon and that movie left an impression. From the trailer of this movie it seemed that there was something going on, but a bit on the freakier side. Ben Foster comes out of his hyper sleep, but a few years over due and so does Dennis Quaid. One of the main problems faced in deep space is pandorum which is paranioa and pyschosis faced from prolonged deep space exposure, people with pandorum can react violently or think that everyone is against them and end up killing the whole crew on the ship. As all of this is happening they discover creatures which are killing off people and eating them, they are suffering memory loss from the prolonged hyper sleep, and the ship is falling apart. This movie kept me on the edge of my seat until the end, and there were some very interesting twists towards the end which turned this from a good to great movie.

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