Shows with a Kick Off

For the beginning of the TV season there are four shows off to a really good start and I’m looking forward to the following episodes. There are still a lot of shows that I want to check out and some that I need to catch up on some shows like Heroes and Friday Night Lights, and one show I really want to see is Star Gate Universe.

  • Fringe – As good as last season and it keeps getting better, I hope Fringe keeps up this pace
  • Flash Forward – What a great show, and I don’t know what to expect with it
  • Sons of Anarchy – Off to a great start, I didn’t expect it to be this good but I’m loving how they are taking the story
  • The Big Bang Theory – The guys are back, oh how we missed them over the summer
  • How I Met Your Mother – Off to a hilarious start, Bareny just keeps getting funnier and funnier

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  1. purpleram

    Trauma started of good but I guess it is going to be hard maintaining that tempo…

    Modern Family is good and Dexter too !

  2. How I Met Your Mother is awesome! Haven’t seen Big Bang Theory yet but heard some good reviews.

  3. I watched SGU (eps 1&2) and it looks good so far. I so want my own Kino now.

  4. S.K

    mininova? if not where?

  5. The Big Bang Theory: Now that is a funny show. and that hot girl in the show if she were alone int the show than it would be better. she is hot like fire.

  6. How I met your Mother is freaking AWESOME!!!!!

    And so is Big Bang Theory this season is freaking AMAZING!!!

  7. joe

    hey doesn’t anyone think the quality of how i met your mother has dropped after season 3.. its juz getting too predictive and repetitive..especially barneys jokes.expected a lot from the season premiere..turned out juz average..i think people watch it to find out who ted ends up with..fringe is just WOW and so is 30 rock

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