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Phoenix Palace in London

There is a long standing relationship that I have with this restaurant, I have been the best Chinese food in this restaurant for over 5 years. Its just off of Baker Street, I have been to it with friends, and I have been to it countless times on my own. This is the place the Chinese go to have authentic and tasty Cantonese Food in London, and it has all the dishes you could possibily imagine. The staff are effecient and know their food, and they are very fast, expect good service and friendly people. Over the years I have seen a lot of the same faces and they have a stringent process for the waiters to progress within the restaurant and a lot of these people have been there for years. The place looks like small restaurant from the main door but it is huge, with a private room if you need one and they are expanding. Almost every time I go to London I stop and eat at this place, even if its just a 10 hour lay over I leave the airport to get some of that amazing Peking Duck. I have had dreams where I taste the Peking Duck and remember Phoenix Palace even though it might have been over a year since I have gone to this place.

The food is just on another level, you have a very large selection. I love their prawn toast, spring roll, and hot & sour soup to start off with. And if I’m on my own I tend to have a full Peking Duck just for myself. When I eat there on my own every time I take my laptop with me and watch some anime, and recently a few tv shows and the staff doesn’t mind at all and there are always those who are curious. The staff is always friendly, when ever I’m low on Coca Cola they bring another one quickly, and by the time I’m done I am extremely satisfied and walking outside to the cold London air feels good. I walk around for a while after that with my backpack and head phones listening to music and pointing my camera as I walk. This is probably hands down one of the best no nonsense Chinese Restaurants I have ever been to and it has only gotten better over the years and hopefully many more years to come.

Phoenix Palace Chinese Restaurant
5 Glentworth Street, London NW1 5PG
Tel: 020 7486 3515
Fax: 020 7486 3401