The Expendables Trailer

Now this is a movie I have been hearing rumors about for a long time, all I kept hearing is that Stallone kept recurriting different actors and now you can see it in this trailer. This is exactly the type of movie I love watching, non-stop action with some humor thrown in. The best part is a lot of my favorite actors are in it, Jet Li and Jason Statham being the top two and the team is hilarious and the action is fantastic. Now we just have to wait for the release.

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  1. thanks for finding the trailer finally! i posted about this movie a while back but there was no trailer, you gotta love the fact that he is teaming up with this cast, especially jason statham. seems like its gonna be one of those action movies that doesnt involve much thinking.

  2. lfc-q8

    ola ola ola thier only missing arnold and jacki chan then they will have all the action heroes…….. looks amazing

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