Harely Davidson is hurting, Dropping Buell and selling MV Agusta

Things aren’t so great with the Big H.D. they have had to take some thought steps to go forward. Their sales are down and it seems they are looking to cut costs and become more liquid. Buell just hasn’t fared so well over the years even with the best effort put forward by them, H.D. just held them back. With MV Agusta they are already trying to find potential buyers in the market to take their stake in it. All this is a bit of a shock from Harley Davidson and the motorcycle industry will be affected, MV also have a new motorcycle to unveil so I’m curious as to how its going to look.

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  1. Aaaaaaah finaly that ugly bike is dead…the good thing is that MV will go back home safe as HD didn’t have enough time to ruin it.

    عقبال الهارلي انشالله

  2. James

    It was just a mater of time !!! MV has been treated as a ” whore ” (And apologize for the expresion ) ,,,, going from hand to hand and accumilating loses all along and leavin un-suspecting owners in the cold. If Harley is having problem then poor Buell & MV have no chance of survivour

  3. KuwaitQ

    I really thought they started getting the grips on sports bikes…
    its a shame they had to scrap it all

    BTW had Ducati continued with the 999 they would’ve been in the same situation… Imagine that!

  4. james


    true 999 was not as popular as the previous 916/996/998 designe but it was winning the Superbike Championships so Ducati did not lose it’s racing appeal

  5. Kuwaity

    The best news ever! My wish is eliminate HD on earth, this is the first step….
    I’m very happy to hear that MV won’t belong to HD any more…
    999 was the worst Ducati ever, but the new ones are really as good as ever.

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