Access Point Search in London

We have internet at home, even though its a little bit on the slow side but I needed an access point to put another location to cover the whole house because the one from the modem is very weak. I thought that would be simple enough, but it turned out to be a lot more difficult then I expected. I was in Harrods and decided to ask if they sell access points in the computer section, the lady looked at me like I was speaking Chinese to her so I thought I would go to Totenham Court road and find many there. I walked over there and I stopped at nearly 9 different electronic and computer shops on that street and every one of them don’t sell access points any more, they sell so many kinds of modems, routers and switches but no access points. It seems London is no longer in need of access points so I decided to order it from and it came the next day, much simpler then running around for a few days.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. you should have visited the Apple Store @ 235 Regent St

  2. maryam

    Harrods has a computer section! I guess I went in and out quickly, all I saw was perfumes, bags and nothing interesting!! It was crowded la3at chabdeee

  3. zain ma sawait 6alabt online
    besefar kil shay gesa, likwait kilshay feeha

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