Command & Conquer 4: Tiberium

I was playing Command & Conquer 3 Red Alert for a while and enjoying the hell out of it but it was very time consuming and when I get busy I forgot about it a bit that I didn’t finish the campagins. But then I just go in for a bit of skirmishes, and I do love when I build up the army with all the developed technology to beat up the enemy. There are people with different tactics, mine are to build up until I have a ridiculously sized army and overwhelm the enemy, and some are to attack as soon as they have any military units. Now I’m surprised that they came out with C&C4 already, well its almost out but I know that I am going to get my hands on it for the PC because it can only really be played on a PC.

Link: Kotaku
Link: Command&Conquer4

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  1. Ya I’m gonna get it on the PC too … RTS games cant be played on consoles it just doesnt feel right … games like halo wars were a dissapointment for me even though i LOVE the 360 it just wasnt made for RTS games :/

  2. @Araia – I agree 100%, I hope they release Halo Wars to PC soon because I really do enjoy RTS. So C&C 4, Starcraft II, Diablo III all gonna be on PC!!

  3. Starcraft II is the game I’m DYING to get for the PC but I’d kill for COD Modern Warfare II

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