Jeremy Clarkson’s Books

Anyone who enjoys driving knows Top Gear and the antics of the three, out of them Jeremy Clarkson has written a lot of books trying to battle the lack of common sense of the world or people’s habit of driving. He is probably one of the funniest TV presenters on air and his books are pretty funny as well. I have read a few of his books but I stopped buying them after a while because I couldn’t get some of the jokes or examples that he uses for his humor, some of then are really local and go over my head. I do enjoy his banter on TV but after several tries with his books they just seem as funny because not everyone understands the references.

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  1. maryam

    LOL so true, the bunch is hilarious … with the British sense of humor that sometimes everyone else doesn’t get :P

    I’m surrounded by them right now, they do have a weird sense of humor :P

    “I’m sure you’re overwhelmed right now and having a headache, not sure if this is caused by last night’s beer or the vast of information you got this week” student director talking to fresheners :P -no one laugher, I chuckled- :P

  2. Emir

    I like Clarkson, he has a unique sense of profesionalism and humor. Unfortunately because of my working hours I am unable to watch Top Gear, I think they show it on MBC on Wednesdays arround 5 PM.

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  3. Ive read through 3-4 of them and i agree with you, he is hilarious at points and he does have a British sense of humor but what i like about him is the way he writes. He writes about stuff that is sometimes of no relevance to anyone whatsoever but he still manages to have a point somewhere in the articles and best of all, its always a strong point that where ever you are living you can relate to the issue at hand. A great deal of what he writes about regarding development and patriotism relates to Kuwait and what is going on here. He is one of my favorite columnists.

  4. I’ve been reading Clarkson since the early 90’s when I first discovered his writing in magazines like “UK Car” and “Performance Car”. I used to run into all kinds of statements and phrases which I could not understand for the life of me. I must admit though that the show has helped a bit, giving us visual insight into how the man thinks. But to be honest, I haven’t picked up any of his books because I was worried about the humor and how I may or may not get any of it lol!

    I should give it a go and stop being a baby about it!

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