Review: Zombieland

A gun trotting Woody Harrelson in a land filled with zombies, what more can you ask for in a movie. I knew from the moment I saw the cover of this movie that I had to see it, and its as gory as you expect it to be and Woody Harrelson plays the funniest cowboy redneck character with a gun killing zombies for fun. Then there are the other characters who make it just as funny, even with all that gore I was laughing my head off. Just the exact type of movie you would expect right from the name, you won’t be disappointed.

Link: IMDB

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  1. you gotta love woody harrelson, from natural born killers to his comedic roles.

  2. i wondered when i saw that movie enter THE TOP 250 in IMDB , but now after u talk about it I’m soooooo wanna watch it

  3. That movie was funny as hell!!! I laughed my ass off. simply put!

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