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The Matrix is one of those movies that change the way movies were made but this isn’t a post about Keanu Reeves, even though that movie is one of my all time top 10. I abruptly remembered it thanks to being up around my old text books and DVD collection a few days ago and realizing that its fall semester and only started a little while ago. I haven’t been out of school that long, but it’s amazing how quickly you forget the hell rush of class registration, book buying, and trying to decide which of your professors will be more flexible or easier. My backpack was twice my size because I was so dedicated, I never missed a class, I spent my evenings trying to figure out how to get better at Halo 1 Rockets, and I’m pretty sure I once fell down some stairs because I was reading something while going to physics lab. I even remembering buying my first Toshiba Satellite laptop before heading to university and using it for a while before getting my first Alienware desktop which was amazing at the time (I still have the case). But all that hard work put me right here has turned me into king of Halo 3. (Thats an a ridiculous overstatement, now with the online teams, I get annihilated before even respawning)