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Insulting & IP Trace


Every once in a while I get one of these very hateful people who just want to insult or directly harm you with their words. I really don’t understand why they are like that when there is no reason to be all worked up. The funny part it isn’t a contreversial issue, this person just tried to directly insult me and say something mean. The funny part is over the years I have turned to dealing with them into an art form, just ignore them, its as simple as that. They aren’t stating a different opinion, they are just leaving insults so they are easy to ignore, and the funny part is that they think they can’t be traced because they left a fake email. In this person’s case he was mistaken since all I had to do was an IP Look up, turns up the comment came from Jahra, and through Zaijil networks so I know where to go if I really want to find out. Technology entertainingly works both ways, it even gave me the longitude and latitude so I’m assuming its really close to it. (Click the top image for a bigger picture)