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Every once in a while I get one of these very hateful people who just want to insult or directly harm you with their words. I really don’t understand why they are like that when there is no reason to be all worked up. The funny part it isn’t a contreversial issue, this person just tried to directly insult me and say something mean. The funny part is over the years I have turned to dealing with them into an art form, just ignore them, its as simple as that. They aren’t stating a different opinion, they are just leaving insults so they are easy to ignore, and the funny part is that they think they can’t be traced because they left a fake email. In this person’s case he was mistaken since all I had to do was an IP Look up, turns up the comment came from Jahra, and through Zaijil networks so I know where to go if I really want to find out. Technology entertainingly works both ways, it even gave me the longitude and latitude so I’m assuming its really close to it. (Click the top image for a bigger picture)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yeah its very common in kuwait, and i think your way of dealing with it is the best.

  2. FaDy

    i couldnt agree more.. pff

    didnt know u could do that with google maps!!, or is that another software?

  3. That actually isnt accurate except for detecting the ISP and country as for the city 90% of the time its waaaaaay off try it with your own IP address and you’ll see what I mean

  4. umm yeah that didn’t give you address, that really didn’t give you anything .. really. Want to know why? try putting any kuwaiti ip address into the site you were using .. go head try .. they will all point to the same location in jahra because that is the very center of the map (according to google maps anyway) .. Also, I really doubt any of the telecoms would give two shits .. unless you had a really good person on the inside or you had evidence that suggested this person insulted one of the following (god, the ameer or religion)

    I really don’t see why you would want to report people for insulting you? I mean, seriously just grow a pair and deal with it. Some people are douche bags, its ok, it comes when you have a popular blog. If some people are being insulting, block them .. moderate the friggin thing. But to extract revenge on them for being ‘mean’ to you .. thats a bit too much.

  5. you did the right thing man
    these type of low life people. are usually suffering from some sort of personality disorder

    keep up the good work

  6. 3azeez

    tracking those who insult through IP addresses is stupid. Of all people you’re the last one I thought would be using this method. I thought this method was left to the retards in the Ministry of Interiors… Apparently stupidity is the norm in Kuwait!

    Why do I say its stupid to track someone who insulted through ip address?

    Simply because we all know that wireless internet routers are so popular right now in Kuwait and not everyone knows how to set it up properly (security wise). For example, at home I could see somewhere between three and seven wireless networks from our neighbors. Not all of them protected, and some of them uses WEP (which you should know is very vulnerable) others are not even protected (including a 3mb connection which I use for my downloads every now and then!).

    Just a quick drive around your neighborhood with wireless scan is on and you should get the idea of what I’m talking about.

    If someone wants to insult and remain anonymous it can be done very easily. If someone wants to insult and blame it on someone else is also easy.

    I have what we read on the news papers every once in a while about person getting arrested for placing insulting comments towards a public figure or whatever online… and that they tracked him down through his IP address!

    Even IF the IP address was accurate and it pinpointed the account which it was used to post the comment, you still wont be able to find the person who did it. This is Kuwait, not western country where only two people live in the house… here you have a family house full of kids and grown ups using the internet. Who are ‘you’ going to blame or ‘arrest’ (in case of MOI) for posting the comments online? The parents of this family who happened to have the subscription on their name? Or the boy who subscribed at that ISP few years ago and hasn’t even bothered to disconnect the line and force his other brother or sister to make a subscription in their name?

    If someone is insulting you, posting their home address online like that is low, very low. If you want to freak them out you could have emailed them the screen shots. Posting online like this wont solve your problem.

    But who am I talking to…

  7. r1101r

    OWNED !!

  8. JassQ8

    ur way of dealing with them is good , u should send him flowers or a post card just to scare him :p

  9. DAymn

    Daymnn niggaz had time to write and analyze shit .. daaaaymn 3azeez ur so kool omg ..

  10. @aaa – My simple way is to ignore!

    @elwehbi – It happens!

    @FaDy – Just normal IP tracking, its general though not accurate

    @Araia – I know that, your 100% right, its completely off but still entertaining to see sometimes where it points.

    @Saud – It seems you misunderstood, all I meant was it is sad seeing how people are sometimes, the IP tracking thing was just for entertainment purposes. The IP Address is correct unless you hide it 100% which isn’t what people do all the time, but I don’t care at all. It’s not about being mean or anything like that, that guy was down right disgusting! And this isn’t revenge at all! LOL! This is purely discussing the topic of why people are like that! And yes I do know some people in the ISPs and this is Kuwait, you can sometimes get the information, but why all that headache! I would rather ask for help to keep my connection up and keep downloading shows then waste time asking about one IP or another! lol

    @3azeez – Damn you even wrote more then I posted! lol! All I was saying is that some people can be dumb about insulting people! Nothing more, and like you said you can mask an IP or doing a million things with it! That isn’t accurate at all, its just entertaining to see it. It seems you got really worked up for no reason! I don’t care about those who insult, I handle them by ignoring and thats the best way! U can take lightheartedly next time!

    @r1101r – LOL! Its just for fun!

    @JassQ8 – hahaha! Its not accurate, its just for fun!

    @DAymn – LOL

  11. That map shows nothing at all…..

  12. If only we were all as patient as your are. I love my hatemail, for the most part I just file it into my own private categories but sometimes I just cant help but respond and in the end we just end up going through a back and forth which ends with both of us looking like four year olds.

  13. Laziale

    Lol , 3azeez post is classic ! chill dude . And Marzouq , this guy insulting you cause your blog is one of the best .

  14. It’s ridiculous that someone would target you, this blog is FAR from being controversial. You don’t seem to pick any topics that really push people’s buttons and this particular post is probably got one of the most antagonistic responses I’ve ever seen on your blog.

    I don’t like to pin everything on envy but in your case I really do think that you come off as a happy, well-to-do, and successful guy and that can bring along the haters. What’s that saying about a fruitful tree getting a lot more stones thrown at it?

  15. That IP address looks familiar… a serial hater perhaps? :)

  16. Cool… What did the comment say?
    ‘Thikra’ ? :)

  17. KKK

    i just did the same test on my location it gave me the exact long-latitude as ur hater !
    im no where near jahra, i think thats the standard address for all of zajil connections,

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