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A Few Days in London

I was in London for about a week visiting family and getting a few things done. The weather was fantastic between 12C and 18C, sunny most of the days and no rain. I enjoyed walking around outside, and I would have Chinese food at the Phoenix Palace when ever I have a chance after a good walk. I would take my backpack, play my iPod and walk around with my camera snapping pictures and just walking in any direction.

I usually have a pattern when I go to London, a few places I visit and a few places I eat. For movies its usually in the Piccadilly Circus area with Odeon, Vue, Empire and Apollo Cinemas all within walking distance and lots of movies to choose from. I watched a lot of movies this time around, even though I wanted to watch some more I had to do a few other things. One of the places that I visited for the first time was Forbidden Planet which was a really interesting store, selling all types of models from movies, comics, and tv shows as well as an interesting library in the basement, it is a movie/tv/comic fan’s dream shop with so much to see and buy. I didn’t buy anything but I did enjoy walking around and looking at all the different models they have, and they have an online store which has a lot of items as well. I had to visit Waterstones book store to check out a few books and I did pick up a few, I think I have too many books piling up, I have a few laying on the ground and I can’t seem to find the right place to put them. I do enjoy going around London in those Black Cabs, I take them when ever I can, they usually have very interesting stories. New cabs seemed to have been introduced to London, they are now using Mercedes Vitto which is very nice van and it can seat 6 people and turn the required 25 feet turning radius as the current cabs by enabling steering in both the front and rear for a better turning radius, this is an addition to the normal cabs but I didn’t have a chance to snap a picture of one.