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Just Down

I got in a few days ago for family and work, since then I haven’t had a moment to breath. Its been a bit hectic, I haven’t even had a chance to un-box a few items I bought while I was traveling. In Kuwait you get caught up with work and family that you really don’t have a moment to scratch your head, and even when I did have some time I called up one of the guys to play Halo ODST.

British Airways seemed to have upgrade their planes again, and I have to say that the beds are much flatter and more comfortable then before. The plane before that when coming to Kuwait was two generations old, I was upgraded to first from business on my trip before this one on the return trip to Kuwait and even my iPod touch had a bigger screen then the monitor in first, I just passed out. But this new place is pretty nice, but I still slept on this one and still had to sleep early when I got in on Sunday. Terminal 5 is a very nice terminal and also very big, if its between Terminal 3 of Emirates and Terminal 5 of British I would prefer Terminal 5 but Emirates seems to have a more comfortable planes and a better entertainment system, and cheaper prices.