Aramex Kuwait Customs Clearance

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for choosing Aramex as your transportation partner.

The Kuwaiti Customs Authority has recently notified us that all courier shipments containing non-documents shall undergo customs inspection upon arrival at Kuwait airport. While Aramex shall continue providing its clearance services, we are unable to provide a specific time frame as to the duration of the clearance period, which may exceed five working days. Aramex therefore encourages all its customers who require speedy clearance to collect their shipments’ documents for self-clearance at the Aramex Ardiya office.

Should you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us on + 965 1820011.

Best Regards,

Aramex Shop&Ship Team

What this sounds to me is that Aramex is trying to make an excuse and basically says that we will take your money to bring your packages to a certain point but your better off picking it up. One note, I have done clearance by myself before and its hectic there and you can barely find the clearance people from one Ministry to the other, for example you need clearance from the Ministry of Communication when ever you bring an odd piece of networking equipment or server and you won’t have time to get it back to clearance, and recently they lost a package of mine after I got the clearance. These guys don’t have a clue what the hell they are doing, I’m not blaming Aramex but that is a very cheap ploy on their part to exit from the responsibility. They are providing a service and people are paying for it, even after increasing their prices they say this after all that people have gone through with their deliveries. Most of my packages get stuck in custom clearance in the first place and I wait for it to be cleared because if it gets lost its not my fault. Also I don’t think customs will be able to handle the volume of packages that come in from all the different courier companies on a daily basis from Kuwait Airport, I have seen how many staff they have and if one guy goes to work you would be lucky. I remember my server taking over two weeks to clear and thats with me calling them consistently, I wonder how long they will try stopping every package before going to back to normal and leaving the items. About a year ago these guys pretty much let everything through without a headache and in reality if people just pay the fee they owe then that’s fine, why does it require clearance, let people just pay the tax for it.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Kuwaiti

    it is too bad that in Kuwait are making simple staff complected , the customs are trying to make more work load on them and they will fail because they are not capable to work , this will lead to more problem and more paper work .

    Armex should take this with higher authority to resolve this instead drop the clearance on us .

  2. What I fail to understand is why? This does not happen ANYWHERE else in the world. It is so absurd, I really hope this is some sort of misunderstanding. But knowing how things work here, I would not put it out of the realm of possibility.

  3. there is a difference in the meaning between the arabic and the english version of the letter. the english version talks about inspection. the arabic version talks about tarseem !! and people in other blogs started talking about extra fees and that it is more expensive now to order.
    i don’t know which is true.
    i know one thing.. as u said.. it is a big headache to follow ur shipment there. and i agree with u , aramex is trying to get away from it.

  4. Mo

    I was wondering if anyone knew any other companies offering the same service in Kuwait or if Aramex has a monopoly. If something doesn’t change soon then I guess all my purchases are gonna have to wait until I travel.

    My guess is that either:
    1 – Aramex will impose some kind of monthly subscription fee
    2 – They’ll lose so much money and customers that they’ll try to work something out with customs
    3 – Someone else with better connections is gonna step in and fill the gap at least for us non-corporate importers

    Sad day…

  5. It’s not Aramex Fault its the new law by the customs All the couriers have nothing to do with this. and you’ll pay more like KD 15 and without the delivery & weight expenses.
    now most people will think 10 times before ordering online.

  6. Q80Warlock

    People at Aramex just went hyper greedy, remember when they used to charge 1.5 KD and and extra 1.0 for extra 500 grams and now a single package costs 15~50 KD !

    They lie about the customs thing, I remember going to custom to pick my laptop and the guy in charge was raged at Aramex he kept swearing that the Aramex people could have taken the package from day 1 but they didn’t want to pay extra custom fees so they dropped my laptop along with other packagas so we would end up paying the fees (which is calculated already along the shipping fees !) so it’s basically a ripoff monopoly !

  7. As with most things in Kuwait we’re just going to have to grit our teeth and take it like men. Aramex isn’t just trying to take advantage of us, they are also offering a substandard product.

    Reminds me of the early days of KIMS and Qualitynet when they made us sign a waver saying that we won’t complain about having slow internet or not getting a connection even if we do loose the connection and can’t connect to irc it was so slow.

  8. Kuwaity

    The truth is not clear yet, all what you said is right and I believe that Aramex is taking advantage of us in another way (they don’t want to increase the prices again).

    I will not order a single item until I find the truth.

  9. fire_flare

    I think the reality is that local merchants have incurred great losses and their merchandise would not find a buyer. Every house in Kuwait now have an Aramex account or know someone who has an Aramex account. Therefore, nobody shops locally anymore, everyone is buying from the USA.
    So I think local merchants put pressure on the customs department to start taxing pesonal imports to put an end to Aramex shopping. And I think it is working, I will not go back to shop from the internet unless I find a product with savings in the order of hundreds.

  10. Hi Marzouq,

    I am terribly sorry for Kuwait Customs’ new policy. I understand how frustrating it must be for you as a customer to not being able to shop as conveniently as you were accustomed to before.

    However, we are working hard to minimize the impact of this policy on our customers, and we will definitely keep you posted once we receive further updates.

    Our intention in the letter was not encourage the customer to do self-clearance; it is part of our Shop&Ship service to clear your items, and we wouldn’t want you to go through that ordeal! Our aim was to notify our clients so that they can expect delays in delivery, and to inform customers who are in a hurry to receive their packages, that they retain the option to clear the items themselves.

    Again, once we receive an update, we will definitely keep you posted!

    If you have any questions, or require further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at: Feras.Hilal[at]aramex[dot]com


    Feras Hilal

    Marketing Team Member – Online Conversationalist
    Aramex International, Global Support Office

    Tel: +962 6 5515111 ext. 1329
    Fax: +962 6 5527461

  11. it sucks, i guess they’re trying to rip us off before a dramatic change to them, i’m guessing there’s a new couriers would established and they just wanna get more profits before the competition..

  12. Q80Warlock

    Btw if Aramex claims you need to go and clear your Ipod/Laptop/Computer you can just tell them those items are not listed in the items that need clearance fees. What they are doing is playing around by calculating the whole arrival shipment fees and randomly picking poor souls to pay them instead of having pay it themselves !

    And every courier service in Kuwait has to pay a certain fee, problem with some is they are making us pay their share and getting free money from us at the same time.

  13. Mr. Kuwaiti

    Hi guys,

    According to couple friends of mine who works with the customs, an ARAMEX customer smuggled drugs couple months back where his shipment was cleared by ARAMEX agent. Now ARAMEX are in deep S%!TT and the customs are forcing them to follow the procedures for every single shipment they receive and this will cost ARAMEX money.

    So, I think this is ARAMEX fault at first, because they did let some people to misuse the service by transporting DRUGS, and customs fault for not selecting the specific shipment for inspection. Also According to my friends, the smuggler is from the Royal Family, so figure how much bribes were paid to get his stuff delivered to him.

    Now ARAMEX and customs must punish whoever was involved in the operation and let things to go back the way it was. We customers should not be punished, as we already pay a lot for the service.

  14. Mr. Kuwaiti

    Hi Guys,

    I recieved this new email from ARAMEX today, the email is below:

    Hello Shop&Shippers!

    We understand it’s been a rough week for all of you, but finally, Kuwait Customs’ policy has cleared up, and we’re happy to say that online shopping is about to become more fun than ever!

    So here’s the bottom line: regardless of the goods value, all shipments are subject to customs clearance. We’ll clear all shipments in one bundle, and pay the charged customs duties accordingly. You read correctly; it’s on us!

    In this case, you will only endure the following charges:

    •1 KD handling charges
    •5% of order value for Kuwait Customs duties (applicable only to orders valued above $100 USD)

    However, self-clearance option is no longer available for our customers. You can contact us at [+ 965 1 820011] for further details.

    Happy online shopping!

    Your friends at Shop&Ship,

  15. waleed

    Aramex deduct from me 5% on every 100$ order,Thy say it is a custom fees!Kuwait Currency Dinar not a dollar now ho is trying to make money more?????

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